June 1966 Established Tokyo-Ishida Shoji Co., Ltd. (Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo)
Began sales of marine furniture and rigging, material and equipment
April 1969 Changed the company name to Ishida Senpaku Kogyo Co., Ltd.

Established the Yokohama Factory
Began manufacturing aluminum-steel furniture
February 1974 Established the Nagasaki Factory Began manufacturing fireproof doors and
cabinet shelves for ships
April 1977 Established the Fukuoka Factory Began manufacturing aluminum and
steel furniture
December 1978 Closed the Yokohama Factory (Production transferred to Nagasaki and
Fukuoka Factories)
March 1987 Signed exclusive distributorship agreement with SBA Interior Ltd. (Finland)
June 1987 Changed the company name from Ishida Senpaku Kogyo Co., Ltd. to Shinkoh Co., Ltd.
April 1990 Established panel production plant (Shinkoh SBA Co., Ltd.)
August 1990 Signed technical agreement with SBA Interior, and began manufacturing interior panels in Japan
March 2001 Obtained ISO 9001 certification at the Nagasaki Factory
June 2003 Obtained ISO 9001 certification at Shinkoh SBA Co., Ltd.
May 2007 Established Shinkoh Korea Co., Ltd. in Busan, Korea
December 2017 Shinkoh Co., Ltd. absorbed and merged
Shinkoh Korea Co., Ltd. (1 expat in Busan)