We manufacture high-quality products placing high priority on comfort and safety for those on board and meeting environmental standards specific to ships. Our products include “aluminum and steel furniture” with a focus on safety, ease of use and comfort, “fireproof doors” which meet international fire protection standards, and “system panels” which combine fire protection and sound insulation properties as well as aesthetics.

  1. Aluminum and Steel Furniture

    We manufacture a variety of marine furniture to suit our customer's needs, utilizing unique technical capabilities,flexible responsiveness, and our wealth of experience as well as performance built up over half a century. We also offer extra value through our high quality products that provide superior durability and robustness, which are designed in consideration for safety and workability of the crew on board.

    Main Products

    Cabin berths, clothes chests, cabinets, glass door cabinets, etc.

  2. Fireproof Doors

    We provide fireproof doors that have passed acoustic tests and fire tests based on the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) and which are type-approved by various classitication society (NK, MED, JG). By combining aesthetic standards enabling conceptual spatial design together with safety protecting crew and passengers from fire, we are flexible to meet a broad range of customer demands.

    Main Products

    Various types of fireproof doors (Fire integrity: A-0, A-60, B-0, B-15)

  3. System Panels

    We supply panels for ships that enable high aesthetic standards and unrestricted spatial design, backed by technical collaboration with a European manufacturer that has a long track records in installing panels on commercial and passenger ships. As with our fireproof doors, our panels have passed acoustic tests and fire tests based on SOLAS, and have been used extensively in a variety of vessels.

    Main Products

    Accommodation panel products, Panels for Modular bath, etc.

  4. Other Equipment

    By combining state-of-the-art processing equipment with the expert skills of our craftsman, we also offer products such as one-off tailor-made items as well as custom-made items of complex shape.

    Main Products

    Railing for Vessels, Decorative suspended cieling, etc.