Everything is for the sake of “TRUST”
with customers

As a specialist manufacturer of equipment for marine vessels, including aluminum and steel furniture, we have provided high-quality services and products designed for safety and comfort since our establishment in 1966.
Our success in continuing to steadily develop amid today’s rapidly changing market trends could not have been possible without the support of our many customers, and for this we are sincerely grateful. Moreover, with an aim of serving customer needs, we have also proceeded to expand our areas of business. While maintaining our core business of manufacturing equipment centered around aluminum and steel furniture, we have also continued taking new challenges to create new value, from designing ship construction processes, to installation work and various products and services designed to shorten the construction period.
What we have valued above all else during our half-century of being in business is the “Trust” with our customers. This trust could not be built and maintained without satisfaction that exceeds customer expectations. We will remain resolute in our uncompromising approach to manufacturing committed to quality and in the belief of each and every employee carefully dealing with the individual challenges faced by customers and keeping up their efforts to the very end, wanting to be of assistance in some way.
With this “Trust” as our foundation, Shinkoh will continue new challenges for the next generation. Thank you all for your many kindnesses.

President & CEO
Hiroki Shingu
Hiroki Shingu