We are expanding our solutions business in various fields of engineering, corresponding to customer needs and their specific environment. Based on our advanced technical capabilities built up through manufacturing and abundant strength cultivated at manufacturing sites, we are broadening our areas of expertise while steadily building up solid business results.
  1. Design Services

    We propose optimal layout designs focused on safety, comfort and efficiency, from the viewpoint of professionals who have a thorough knowledge of the distinctive qualities of furniture and a variety of other equipment.

  2. Construction Services

    We offer overall support, undertaking packaged contract services from arranging materials to conducting a variety of engineering work. The work is managed by experts with strong technical capabilities in their respective fields, from the installation of delivered furniture, to the heatproofing of wall surfaces and the laying of ducts. Shinkoh contribute to achieve highly economic efficient outsourcing with short construction periods, which meets the specific needs of our customers.

  3. Staffing Services

    Utilizing on our past experience and know-how, Shinkoh offers staffing solutions that meet all the needs of our corporate customers. By assigning staff with a wealth of practical experience, such as in back-office and clerical work in technical divisions as well as technical assistance, measuring and drafting materials, Shinkoh supports solutions for such issues as the streamlining of management and staffing shortages at manufacturing sites.

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